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    13 Things Raven From "The Bachelor" Did After Her First Orgasm

    The Bachelor aired a bizarre montage to an orgasm last night, and you need to see it.

    Last week on The Bachelor, Raven (one of the top three contestants) let Nick in on a little secret.

    Nick was (obviously) cool with it.

    Last night's episode picked up right after they ~spent the night together~ in the "Fantasy Suite," and Raven said the following:

    This prompted The Bachelor to air a weird montage of Raven walking around Finland afterward, where she did the following things:

    1. High-fived a stranger.

    2. Said hi to a dog.

    3. Hopped along the rocks.

    4. Jumped off said rocks.

    5. Kissed a reindeer.

    6. Made snow angels.

    7. Spun around on a mountain.

    8. Poked her head through this rainbow wall thing.

    9. Skipped down the street.

    10. Went sledding.

    11. Posed in a literal heart.

    12. Walked back to her hotel room smiling.

    13. And let the elevator door close on her like this.

    You can watch the full ~orgasm montage~ here!