Presenting: The "Butt Cleavage" Dress [NSFW]

    The good people at Laughing Squid have drawn my attention to this dress with a giant hole in the back for your butt to peek through and now I can't stop staring. Classy or trashy?

    From Etsy seller LinaSpyroS comes the "Super sexy dress," a garment that's pretty much the equivalent in women's fashion to what the mullet is to hairstyles: business in the front, party in the back. The seller describes the dress as such:

    This super sexy dress is made of synthetic fabric. It reveals the most attractive part of the women’s body.

    The biggest shock of all? Only one of these babies has been purchased on Etsy so far:

    Personally, I think the look is much better with a pair of granny panties underneath. But what do I know?