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    27 Pets Who Are All Dressed Up And Ready For Christmas

    Cuteness ahoy!

    1. This Bernese mountain dog dressed in holiday pajamas.

    2. This cat, who moonlights as your local mall santa at night.

    3. This french bulldog in his holiday bowtie.

    4. This Siberian kitten in their tiny christmas scarf.

    5. This happy mini schnauzer dressed as Santa's helper.

    6. This cat who is clearly on their way to a holiday sweater party.

    7. This Christmas chicken living their best life.

    8. This chill iguana in a santa hat.

    9. This Weiner dog in a holiday scarf.

    10. This santa-pig that's sniffing around for presents.

    11. This bunny dressed as a tree.

    12. This golden retriever and his festive t-shirt.

    13. This kitty and their fancy Christmas tie.

    14. This rabbit with candy canes for antlers.

    15. This goldendoodle wearing an oversized santa hat.

    16. This turtle is on his way to deliver presents.

    17. This puppy with antlers on.

    18. This kitty wearing lots of bows.

    19. This goldendoodle wrapped up in lights.

    20. This chihuahua who got lost on their way home from the North Pole.

    21. This pig dressed up in their holiday jammies.

    22. This good elf missing from Santa's workshop.

    23. This festive ferret.

    24. This basset hound trying to pass as a present.

    25. This pup, spreading good cheer.

    26. This very good boy sporting his holiday best.

    27. And these three goldendoodles ready for presents.

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