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    Paul McCartney Walked Across Abbey Road Like It Was No Big Deal

    "Why did the Beatle cross the Abbey Road?"

    London's Abbey Road is best known as the backdrop to the Beatles' album of the same name.

    Hiroyuki Matsumoto / Getty Images

    It's also become a sort of tourist spot for folks to recreate the iconic album cover.

    Brooke Slezak / Getty Images

    Earlier this week, Paul McCartney found himself in the area and retraced those famous footsteps from 49 years ago.

    Paul's daughter, Mary, was there as well and took a video from another angle, too:

    Do you think this couple realizes who they're walking by?

    Mary McCartney /

    And do you think Paul knows how damn cute this is, all these years later?

    Mary McCartney /

    Either way, I am very appreciative of this nostalgia. Thanks, Paul!

    EPL Pictures / Via

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