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    Miley Cyrus Explains Parts Of Her "We Can't Stop" Video To Jimmy Kimmel

    Yes, the shot of Miley making out with a doll in a pool TOTALLY MEANT SOMETHING.

    That I just thought was cool. I was online and saw someone who had a McDonald's cup of fries like that. And actually, to make that we had to try [both] McDonald's and In-N-Out [fries] and In-N-Out works best.
    As you can see my necklace says "doll" — so I'm a doll. So that's me making out with a doll version of myself. Doll-on-doll-on-doll. Me and my friends always say doll-on-doll-on-doll!
    Gotta get the bread. You know there's a little bit of money also that it's weird and kind of a trippy moment but we thought it was symbolic for money.
    That actually does mean something. That's supposed to speak to the kids be who are feeling judged. Here's this little scrawny deer that to me seems so sweet and that he probably would be judged. So this him looking at himself in the reflection, he's got himself all swaged up and he's trying to be something that he's not. but he's gotta remember that he can't be judged so that's talking to my fans.

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