Mariah Carey’s Three Most Fabulous Arm Slings

A dislocated shoulder didn’t stop Mariah’s fabulousness when she performed at the 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Charity Concert in Central Park last night.

1. First, there was the bedazzled white sling.

Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images

2. It totally worked.

Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images

3. Mariah looked amazing.

The Associated Press / AP


4. But it was time for a costume change.

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

5. It was time for the fur sling.

Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images

6. Mariah rocked it again.


7. Hold up. Mariah knows it might seem excessive.

Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images

8. So it was obviously time for another costume change.

Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images

9. It was time…

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

10. For feathers.


11. and Mariah Carey rocked it AGAIN.


12. …even though Mariah’s dislocated shoulder looked PAINFUL.

James Devaney / FilmMagic

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