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    Charles Schulz Sent These Love Letters To A Young Lady While He Was Married To Someone Else

    "You're a Big Flirt, Charlie Brown."

    The AP reports that come Dec. 14, there will be 52 personal drawings and letters that Schulz sent to a 25-year-old woman when he was 48 (and, did I mention, married?) back in the '70s put up for auction:

    Some of the romantic letters and drawings the late Peanuts creator Charles Schulz sent to a young woman 23 years his junior, who infatuated him. The love notes from 1970-1971 are being offered for sale at Sotheby's in New York by the family of Tracey Claudius, who the auction house says is ill at her home near Philadelphia.

    The paintings are estimated to be sold for upwards of $350K.

    Sotheby's / AP
    Sotheby's / AP

    h/t gawker.

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