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    28 Times Kylie Jenner's Face Said It Better Than You Ever Could

    A GIF for every occasion.

    1. When your favorite TV show gets canceled:

    2. When Sephora is out of the makeup you need in a specific color:

    3. When the guac ISN'T extra:

    4. When someone's telling you a story that you don't ~quite~ believe:

    5. When you're being sexy while eating pizza:

    6. When you walk in on people making out:

    7. When you're signaling to a friend to just stop talking:

    8. When your crush texts you back:

    9. When you've been burned by someone and aren't having their apology:

    10. When someone compliments your look:

    11. When your enemy shows up wearing the same thing as you:

    12. When you're surprised by how you look in the front-facing camera:

    13. When you literally can't believe your ears:

    14. When you've arrived and want everyone to notice:

    15. When your mom walks in while you're FaceTiming a friend:

    16. When someone you know blurts out something rude:

    17. When you need to borrow money from your parents:

    18. When there's drama happening but you're staying out of it:

    19. When somebody says something dumb:

    20. When you're not really paying attention during a conversation:

    21. When you go a little overboard on the day's makeup:

    22. When you're on the phone with your crush:

    23. When you're feeling fly and carefree:

    24. When you read something about yourself online that's totally not true:

    25. When someone tells you how great you look and you're like "I already know":

    26. When you hear a bump in the night:

    27. When you're blocking out the haters:

    28. When you just don't GaF anymore: