Kristen Stewart Is Not Very Excited About Promoting The New “Twilight” Movie

Here’s proof from every premiere.

1. November 12th: Los Angeles

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

2. K-Stew Excitement Level: Low (but faking it pretty well)

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

3. November 14th: London

AP Photo

4. K-Stew Excitement Level: Exasperated

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

5. November 15th: Madrid

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

6. K-Stew Excitement Level: Perturbed

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

7. November 15th: Madrid (again)

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

8. K-Stew Excitement Level: Agitated

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

9. November 16th: Madrid

AP Photo

10. K-Stew Excitement Level: Completely tortured inside.

AP Images

11. Bonus: K-Stew with a wolf!

Thomas Peter / Reuters

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