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    Kourtney Kardashian Has A Barbaric And "Quirky" Way Of Eating Kit Kat Bars

    This is the slowest and most barbaric way to eat candy the world has ever seen.

    She warned us back in December.

    Omg wait until you see how I eat a Kit Kat.

    And today on her app, Kourtney has let us in on another one of her "quirky" habits: how she eats a Kit Kat bar.

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    As it turns out, this is a six-step process for Kourtney.

    First you must realize that in this video she's talking about only ONE piece of Kit Kat, not the entire bar.

    Then it's time to take a teeny-tiny bite of chocolate on each end — not so big as to bite any of the wafer, this is a chocolate-only bite.

    Then you gently eat the chocolate on all four sides.

    Next, separate the wafer parts. You're allowed to eat one of these now.

    And another.

    And another.

    And that's it! A six-step process to the Kardashian way of eating one part of a Kit Kat bar.