Kim Kardashian Got Ice Cream Again Last Night

Why do they stop for froyo so damn often?

1. “Hey, Kanye …do you mind if we stop at this ice cream truck?”

FameFlynet Pictures

2. “Umm, you don’t have the SpongeBob pops? Okay, what about Choco-Tacos? None of that? Well, I guess there’s always the chipwich… maybe I’ll just get some soft serve with sprinkes?”

FameFlynet Pictures

3. This lady in her mind: “Are you serious right now????”

FameFlynet Pictures

4. “Lemme just sort through my giant wad of cash here…”

FameFlynet Pictures

5. She pretended that she didn’t notice all the people taking cell phone pictures around her…

FameFlynet Pictures

6. …secretly LOVES IT.

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