Katy Perry Loses Her Bikini Bottom In A Wave Pool

If you ever wanted to see Katy Perry’s sweet, sweet, naked behind, today is your lucky day! [NSFW, clearly!]

She looks nervous, almost as if she had a premonition as to what was about to happen.

Here she goes!

Aaaand there her bathing suit goes.

Poor girl, nobody’s even helping! All the dudes are just gawking at her, probably thinking something along the lines of “Dood! Katy Perry’s butt is less than ten feet away from me! Gnarly!”

For the record, BuzzFeed editor Katie Notopoulos tells me that she’s seen this particular wave pool in action and that it is absolutely a “bikini demolisher.”

Later, Katy laughed it off because A. what can you do, and B. she has a nice tuckus.

All images via LOMELI/bauergriffinonline.com.

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