Kanye West Molds Kim Kardashian Into The Perfect Girlfriend By Throwing All Her Clothes Away

    Kim didn't seem to mind.

    E! Entertainment/YouTube

    Many have speculated that Kanye West had given Kim a makeover of sorts towards the beginning of their courtship and last night on Keeping Up With The Kardashians it was confirmed. The episode opened with Kim explaining that Kanye was coming over with his stylist to give her closet a "style makeover." In the clip above, Kanye and his stylist rip through Kim's closet leaving her with very little left. The "trade-off" was that Kanye would fill her closet with all new things and when it's done he calls her the "New Kim."

    Is it just me, or would you kill your boyfriend if he suggested you had terrible style and then insisted on throwing piles and piles of clothes out?

    Later, sister Khloe stopped to see the damage and wasn't as thrilled as Kimto see so many of her clothes in donation piles. At least someone was the voice of reason?