Kanye West Hit His Head On A Pole, Flipped Out At Paparazzi

Don’t laugh, it looked like it REALLY hurt. …I said don’t laugh!

1. It was a normal day in Los Angeles.

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2. KimYe was just walking around when SUDDENLY:

3. (The irony of the words “wrong way” and “severe damage” appearing on the sign are not lost on us.)

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4. Kim checked Kanye’s head out to make sure he was OK…

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5. …but Kanye wasn’t okay — or at the very least, his pride wasn’t.


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6. So Kanye lost it.

7. Like, really lost it.

10. A quick scan of Twitter showed that people kiiind of found it to be hilarious.

11. And there are already parody videos out there about the incident:

12. To be fair to Kanye, this is what his head looked like the next day:

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It was obviously painful.

13. Who do you think is to blame for the injury — the paps or Kanye’s ego — and is this sad-funny or funny-sad?

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