Jodie Sweetin Responds To Rumors About Her Being In Rehab With #HowRude

Because she’s pretty sure her ex-husband started the rumor, she’s trying to own the thing by trending #howrude.

1. Earlier this week a bogus story about Jodie Sweetin made its way around the internet.

2. But Jodie Sweetin said NO.

3. AND she had a feeling the rumor was started by her ex, and called TMZ to set the record straight.

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4. But that wasn’t enough! Jodie uploaded the following video last night:

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Hey guys check out my video! I started off the week with ridiculous rumors. How rude! I’m so grateful for your support, and now I want to see what you think is RUDE. Post your pics and vids with #howrude and I’ll repost!

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