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    Mar 9, 2013

    Is This Guy Charlie Sheen's Son?

    The following photo is of a Norweigan who came to an unfortunate realization in the mirror after learning that his mother allegedly had an affair with Sheen years and years ago.


    Two days ago, Redditor Glorious_Bacon_Ninja uploaded the following photo that they had had seen floating around Facebook:

    And we were like...

    Here's a side-by-side:

    NBC / NBC Universal / Getty Images / Via

    It seems within the realm of possibility that Charlie Sheen might be this dude's dad? On the other hand, it could be another like-my-status-y internet prank and this guy now has a twitter account dedicated to the cause:

    Via Facebook: sverre.willumsen

    But in these these two additional photos of Charlie's maybe-son the resemblance is totally there:

    Maybe Charlie's this dude's dad and maybe he isn't. But if he is...

    We reached out to Charlie Sheen's team, who were unavailable for comment on this.

    h/t Daily Of The Day and Brian Abrams.

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