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Is Jaden Smith Trying To Emancipate Himself From His Famous Parents?

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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Will explains that Jaden, who will be celebrating his 15th birthday in July and is close pals with 19-year-old Justin Bieber, asked for a very unique gift.

"He says, 'Dad, I want to be emancipated.' I know if we do this, he can be an emancipated minor, because he really wants to have his own place, like 'Ooh,'" Will explained.

"That's the backlash. On the other side, if kids just want to have command of their lives, I understand."


"[I might] end up with a woman raising my children. That's how androgynous I am. If I have something good in front of me, it doesn't matter if it's a person or a pair of shoes, I'm not going to test something else. It's insecure and it's immature."


"I'm not a mushy person at all. We were never a huggy family. Or a 'let's talk it out' family. ... I'm a little more selfish, a little more independent, a little closed. I do wish I were softer. I wish I were able to form relationships better. But hey, I mean…I'm not a sociopath."

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