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    How To Take A Glamour Shot Like Teenage Taylor Swift

    She's so cool.

    Pool tables are cool.

    Bridges are cool.

    Benches are cool.

    Playing with your hair = cool.

    Hats are cool.

    So is Abercrombie.

    Hats + Abercrombie + hair + grass = REALLY cool.

    It's cool to pose in front of local landmarks.

    Earrings are cool.

    Elbows are cool.

    Angry is cool.

    Posing in an unusual way = SUPER COOL.

    Try leaning forward.

    Or backward.

    Lean into walls.

    Or against a grate.

    Lean into the grass.

    Just LEAN, GIRL! Leeeean.

    Spell out the things you're most passionate about.

    And when all else fails...




    Now you know how to take a glamour shot like teenage Taylor Swift!

    All photos via Andrew Orth/Coleman-Rayner.