How Miley Cyrus Does Art Basel

    Like a champ.

    Miley and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips are at Miami's Art Basel this year.

    If you follow Miley on Instagram you've probably noticed the shift from selfies to fan-created mashups, photoshops, and face swaps.

    Some fans are helping to create them while others simply hate it. And it would seem she noticed that fact as evidence by her show itself.

    The inside of the gallery looked like this.

    When it was time to have an opening party for the show of COURSE Miley had to perform.

    And perform she did.

    In bubbles...

    ...multiple outfit changes...

    ...and underneath it all: disco ball pasties.

    Thank you Miley, for being Miley (and thank you, Patrick Schwarzenegger, for carrying Miley's bag!).