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    Hey, What's Paul Walker Been Up To Lately?

    The dreamy star of '90s and '00s teen comedies and action flicks is still pretty dreamy — and he's doing some pretty interesting things with his spare time! Such as...

    Chilling with live alligators

    Chilling with dead alligators

    Getting his brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu




    Grabbing Starbucks

    Posing for a photo next to Vin Diesel

    Wearing rubber gloves and camo pants

    Posting photos of Aziz Ansari posing next to his cardboard figure

    Wearing oversized fish hooks around his neck

    Letting a guy wearing a douchey shirt bandage him up

    Taking pictures of an owl

    Taking pictures of this little dude


    ...I know! I was as surprised as you are. Who's Genesis Rodriguez?

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