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    Posted on Jun 22, 2017

    21 Things Kris Humphries Has Been Up To Lately

    Here's what he's been up to since his divorce from Kim K, according to his social media.

    2. Pointing at dogs in hoodies

    3. Creeping on Tom Brady

    4. Discovering the FaceTune app

    5. Wore a captain's hat

    Kris Humphries / Twitter: @KrisHumphries

    6. Hanging out with the guys of The Mindy Project

    Kris Humphries / Twitter: @KrisHumphries

    7. Getting vitamins through an IV

    8. Walking by a camera without acknowledging it

    9. Wearing hats with a floral brim

    10. Went to the dentist

    Kris Humphries / Twitter: @KrisHumphries

    11. Jet skiing

    12. Pointing at the camera

    13. Dressing up like Kenny Powers.

    14. Boppin' around to Kaskade

    15. Trying to pop a basketball

    Kris Humphries / Twitter: @KrisHumphries

    18. MMA training

    20. Posing in front of a Prince mural

    21. Tanning among cacti

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