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    25 Heartwarming Ben And Leslie Moments From "Parks & Recreation"

    To get you PUMPED for tonight's episode (that will for sure make you cry).

    1. When Ben brought Leslie waffles — her favorite — at the hospital.

    2. When Leslie taunted Ben with her naked portrait.

    3. This moment.

    4. The balloon animals they made of each other...

    ...and what they did to them.

    5. Leslie's video to Ann after she and Ben first hooked up.

    6. This photo on Leslie's desk.

    7. When Ben had a Little Sebastian stuffed animal custom-made for Leslie.

    8. This moment.

    9. Leslie's favorite place.

    10. When Ben created something that Leslie dreamed — a "Yachter Otter" — and surprised her with it.

    11. When the Wyatts met the Knopes — and Leslie made a quilt for the occasion.

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    12. This moment in season two when you realize that Ben is falling for Leslie.

    13. Their handshake.

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    14. When they said "I love you and I like you."

    15. This scene.

    16. This moment.

    17. When Ben said that he loved Leslie on the record.

    18. When Ben stood up for Leslie and punched a guy.

    19. Their first kiss.

    20. Their second "first kiss" when they got back together.

    21. This moment.

    22. When Ben gave Leslie this.

    23. The way that Ben looks at Leslie...




    (I mean, honestly.)

    24. The cliffhanger at the end of last week's episode.

    25. And finally, Ben's proposal to Leslie. (Grab a tissue.)

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    Can't wait to have my heart melted even more tonight!