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Fred Armisen And Natasha Lyonne Attended The Emmys In A Hearse

How macabre!

You might have been a little confused at Fred Armisen and Natasha Lyonne's demeanor on the Emmys red carpet last night.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

While their fashion slayed, Natasha's pout and Fred's hands (not to mention bolts on his neck) were confusing to say the least.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Until you realize that the pair arrived at the Emmy Awards in a hearse.

THEN it makes sense.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

The tomfoolery didn't stop at the actual Emmys, by the way.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Oh no.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

The pair rolled up to an after-party like this:

Amanda Edwards / WireImage

~It's all very Frankenstein chic.~

Allen Berezovsky / FilmMagic

Though this particular mode of transportation is not for everyone, it definitely pleased Armisen, who captioned the below photo "I am in heaven."

Heaven indeed.

Amanda Edwards / WireImage

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