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    Updated on Mar 1, 2020. Posted on Feb 26, 2020

    As New York Bans Plastic Bags, We Want To Know What Your Favorite Alternatives Are!

    Because plastic bags are SO 2019.

    New York City-dwellers are preparing for a ban on plastic bags that goes into effect on March 1.

    Steven Puetzer / Getty Images

    And if you live in New York and didn't know until now... sorry, don't shoot the messenger!

    So for those of us who don't have a bag routine down already, I'd love to know: what's your favorite reusable bag?

    Janine Lamontagne / Getty Images

    Maybe you have a specific bag that folds up small but that will hold all the fresh produce you need.

    Sally Anscombe / Getty Images

    Perhaps you have a specific bag you always use because it's extremely durable and can hold everything all at once.

    Rosmarie Wirz / Getty Images

    Or maybe you have a fully functional, sectioned bag situation going on in your grocery cart that you're particularly proud of.

    Lotus Trolley Bag / Via

    Or you could have a different idea, like the people in Thailand who wowed the world with their creativity when a ban on plastic bags went into effect in the new year.

    Whatever your bag of choice is, we want to hear about it! Share your favorites in the comments below — name brands are a plus — and your comment may be selected for an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video.