Did Whisper Leak The Gwyneth Paltrow Rumor That “Vanity Fair” Wouldn’t?

Anything is possible?

1. Whisper defines itself as a service for “posting and viewing publicly available content and sending private messages.”

Per it’s legal disclaimer:

Whisper is a service that allows users to communicate by posting and viewing publicly available content and sending private messages. Unlike other services, users do not register for unique accounts on Whisper. Whisper assigns a non-unique display name to each user, and multiple users may be assigned the same display name.

2. So when this was uploaded to the service…

Whisper / whisper.sh

3. People took notice.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

4. Responses on the site range from clever…


5. …to skeptical…


6. …to Gwyneth-hating…


7. …and a bunch felt badly for Chris.


8. A bunch of people reacted like this:


9. This recent posting might not have been interesting if an “epic bombshell” of a piece on Paltrow wasn’t just axed at Vanity Fair.

10. Or maybe if they didn’t look so absolutely miserable sitting next to each other at the Golden Globes.

NBC / Via twitpic.com

11. At any rate, in case you were wondering — and you probably were — this is what “entertainment lawyer Kevin Yorn” looks like:

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

12. And now you know.

You may now proceed wildly speculating about the relationships of these rich and famous people.

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