Corinne From "The Bachelor" Just Gave Her First Interview To Ellen DeGeneres

And yes, Ellen asked her about the nanny.

1. Bachelor villian Corrine gave her first post-filming interview to Ellen DeGeneres, and she asked what we are all thinking: “Is that the real you, is that a great representation of yourself?”

EllenTube / youtube.com

2. When Ellen asked what other sides we didn’t see, Corinne listed being a big sister, a business owner, and being an “athlete.”


3. Next, Ellen asked if she could see how some girls in the house thought she was crazy.

EllenTube / youtube.com

EllenTube / youtube.com


Corinne’s answer was no, she just thinks she’s funny.

EllenTube / youtube.com

4. But she didn’t think her portrayal was 100% pristine.

EllenTube / youtube.com

5. And finally, Ellen asked what the world has been thinking: “Why do you have a nanny?”

EllenTube / youtube.com

6. She then explained that she doesn’t like to call her a housekeeper because “she’s like a mother.”

EllenTube / youtube.com

7. Watch Corinne’s full interview below.

  1. Did this interview make you see Corinne in a new light?
    1. Yes, I get it now.
    2. No, I still don’t like her.
    3. Hi, I’ve always been Team Corinne!

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