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19 Candid Facts About Lindsay Lohan According To Lindsay Lohan

Her interview with Piers Morgan was surprisingly honest and refreshing. Here are the most interesting quotes straight out of Lilo's mouth.

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CNN / The Daily Mail

1. On her first alcoholic drink:

"I was 17. No [I didn't like it], I got really sick and mom made me sleep with vomit still on me so I'd understand how it felt. I didn't drink again throughout high school. I was too scared!"

2. On not drinking in high school:

"My friends and I would actually pretend to be drunk. And it was more fun. I never rebelled against my parents – I worked hard, I was responsible and I didn't go to high-school parties."

3. On cocaine:

"Everyone thinks I've done it so many times. But I've only done it maybe four or five times in my life. Yes, I don't like it. It reminds me of my dad. I took it four times in a period from about the age of 20 to 23, and I got caught twice… I felt a little too buzzed – it made me feel uncomfortable….It's the truth."

4. On hard drugs:

"I've never taken heroin either, never injected myself with anything, never done LSD. Those things all scare me."

5. On Adderall:

"I have severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I can't stand still. So I take Adderall (a prescription drug) for that, it calms me. I know people who take it to stay up, or girls who take it to supposedly stay slim because it kills your appetite. But I eat all the time. I just take it to stay calm. It works well for me."

6. On tranquilizers:

"[I take] Trazodone if I've been travelling and can't sleep from jet lag. But in small doses, I'm not a pill-popper."

7. On other drugs that she has tried and liked:

"Pot, obviously. And ecstasy. I liked that better than the others (giggles). I didn't drink on it, so I was just chilling. It's something that a lot of people experience when they're in college."

8. On the last time she took a drug:

"Probably a year ago. Some pot. But I'm not a stoner."

9. On drinking:

"I've never been a huge drinker. I've never woken up in the morning and had a drink."

10. On stealing:

"When I was younger I was definitely going out too much and I was drinking too much. I was accused of everything, even stealing a necklace. I'd never steal a necklace. They didn't show the real in-store video tape to anyone, because that shows the store attendant putting it on me and me taking out cash to pay for it, and she's saying, 'No, you can just bring it back tomorrow.' So, there's like a slew of things that have gone on like that which have been such a strain."

11. On her bad timing:

"Everyone thinks I'm this crazy drug addict who shows up late to everything and behaves so badly. But I'm not. I'm bad with timing. I always panic when people rush me. I'm like, 'I'll be there half an hour early if you just give me my space and don't call me every five seconds.'"

12. On her sexuality:

"I like boys. [Is she bisexual?] Not really. I like being in a relationship with a guy. But there's something just different about it with a woman. ... I know I'm straight. I have made out with girls before, and I had a relationship with a girl. But I think I needed to experience that and I think I was looking for something different."

13. On her relationship with Sam Ronson:

"When I was with Samantha I didn't want to leave, because I didn't want to be alone. It was very toxic. And her family controlled anything she did. I still love her as a person."

14. On when things took a turn for the worse:

"I think when I made the move to LA in my late teens. I got arrested for my first DUI when I was 20 and they found me with drugs. And from then on the press were on me all the time. It was the first time I'd taken drugs; I was out in a club with people I shouldn't have been with, and took cocaine, and got in the car. It was so stupid."

15. On her drink of choice:

"I'd have vodka soda or vodka Red Bull, but the Red Bull would keep me up all night and I'd get heart palpitations. I can't drink it any more. I never liked the taste of it, anyway."

16. On not being addicted to alcohol:

"I don't drink every day. Heath Ledger (who died from a prescription drugs overdose in 2008) told me to give it up for a year because he'd just done that, and so I did and it wasn't a problem for me. I didn't miss it, I felt good. That's not to say that years from now I won't have a glass of wine at a dinner, but I'd rather not drink and just focus on work."

17. On women in Hollywood who have given her good advice:

"Meryl Streep was nice. She just advised me on my acting and what I needed to do differently, and she told me I needed to go back to live with my mum for a while. ... Jamie Lee Curtis was very kind to me, too. She also told me to listen to good advice and to get rid of the hangers-on."

18. On the happiest day of her life:

"The day I got the Parent Trap role. I was so happy."

19. On the saddest day of her life:

"The day I had to turn myself in to jail, and I had to see my mom's face. I spent 12 days inside and I felt utter shock and cried for four days straight."

[Piers Morgan Tonight via The Daily Mail]

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