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    Posted on Apr 22, 2013

    Bruce Jenner's '80s Aerobic Video: A Sexy Tribute

    The Winning Workout, circa 1984, truly shows off Bruce in his prime. Get ready for some sweaty '80s exercise!

    Have you ever seen Bruce Jenner's exercise video, The Winning Workout?

    It co-starred Bruce's first wife, Linda Jenner.

    They were cute, I guess...

    But this post is about Bruce.

    Let's start with the way he talks to the camera.

    So motivational.

    How about the way he rolls those shoulders?

    Roll 'em.


    The way Bruce exercises his knuckles.

    The way he kicks his feet.

    How he talked to the camera even though he was totally out of breath.

    The way he stretches to the right.

    The way he stretches to the left.

    All of that synchronized jumping!

    The way Bruce rolls his neck.

    And arms.

    The way Bruce encourages the at-home viewer while on all fours.

    Bruce's cool-down stretch.

    The way he kicks to each side.


    Bridge pose.

    Oh god, Bruce Jenner up-short shot!!!!


    And finally, the way Bruce claps when you've done a good job.

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