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"Bob's Burgers" Stars H. Jon Benjamin And Eugene Mirman On Their Show, Retro Cartoons, And Burger Puns

The voices of Bob and Gene tried their hand at recreating the show's famed burger puns and told us which childhood cartoons they loved the most.

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H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman currently play father and son in Fox's animated comedy show, Bob's Burgers.

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They decided to stop by the office and play a few games:


First up was the "Burger of the Day" challenge.

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The rules: As an homage to Bob's Burgers brilliant food puns, Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman must come up with their own punny menu items in less than thirty seconds. GO!

FOOD #1: Bacon

H. Jon Benjamin: Sirloin Francis Bacon Burger

Eugene Mirman: Kevin Bacon Burger (Comes With Kevin Bacon's Hair)

FOOD #2: Cronuts

HJB: Not For Cro-Nuthin' But This Burger Has Cheese (Swiss)

EM: That's...that's not a thing.

HJB: That's at least a pun. Yours is just nonsense.

EM: Nancy Reagan's Cronut Go There, Girl Burger (Served On A Cronut By Nancy Reagan) and I wrote "These were written by writers in advance, every time, not by us" [at the bottom].

Next was the "Cartoon Battle" challenge.

The rules: Jon and Eugene must weigh the plusses and minuses of each cartoon named and pick one to stand behind.

April O'Neil or Jessica Rabbit?

John Gara / BuzzFeed

Both: Who's April O'Neil?

BuzzFeed: From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the sexy one in a yellow jumpsuit?

Both: Oh yeah!

EM: I've chosen April O'Neil, because she was in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which I enjoyed as a young man...and also because you've forced us to pick one of two things we don't care about.

HJB: And I chose Jessica Rabbit because I didn't know who April O'Neil was.

Final answer:

Heathcliff or Garfield?

John Gara / BuzzFeed

EM: Is Heathcliff a cat or a dog?

BF: He's a cat.

EM: I'm foreign, so a lot of what I ask is fine. Well, I came here when I was 4, so I'm not so foreign that I shouldn't know. Garfield likes lasagna.

HJB: They're both post-war cats.

EM: Yeah, exactly.

HJB: Heathcliff, what was his thing?

EM: He was a sexual predator.

BF: He owned the junkyard.

EM: I don't know anything about Heathcliff... OH, I'm thinking of Tomcat. Topcat?

HJB: Topcat.

EM: What's the difference between Heathcliff and Topcat?

HJB: Topcat is like the head of a gang.

EM: Yeah, a really nice gang of cats. And I'm going to say Garfield because I know who Garfield is, and all I know about Heathcliff was that he was a sexual predator.

HJB: I'm going to say Heathcliff because of Wuthering Heights.

Final answer:


Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson?

John Gara / BuzzFeed

EM: The guy who started it all…

HJB: Homer Simpson.

EM: Because he's the forefather of animated dads.

HJB: Along with Jimmy Carter, the first animated dad.

Final answer:

Space Ghost or Gumby?

John Gara / BuzzFeed

EM: The original space ghost? The original one, not the Adult Swim thing?

BF: Well, either one.

EM: Oh, but those are very different tones. I'm sorry, I'm really dragging you into this. Did Space Ghost have a friend who was also a hawk?

HJB: I think so.

EM: I'll pick the friend with the hawk... Space Ghost.

HJB: I'm going to say Gumby.

WJ: Why?

HJB: He's just...uhhh...I don't know anything about either.

EM: Well, Space Ghost had the genie and the kids who flew on the camel. It was all part of that, I think. Anyway, I'm going with Space Ghost because he was a lot of fun.

HJB: Gumby was claymation? I'll do Gumby because you got to give clay some credit.

EM: Yeah, for being -mation-y…

Final answer:


Mighty Mouse or Underdog?

HJB: It's a tough choice based on character, but I'm going to go with theme and pick Underdog.

EM: I feel like Mighty Mouse was just about a more serious, mightier mouse that really tried to get in there and help things while Underdog had a little bit of a dopiness —

HJB: Yeah, but I always root for the underdog.

EM: And in this case it's literally Underdog. What if the people who made that cartoon didn't know what the word "underdog" meant? And it was just like a happenstance?

Final answer:


He-Man or She-Ra?

John Gara / BuzzFeed

Both: He-Man.

BF: Tell me why.

EM: She-Ra was... She was fine. But they made her after.

HJB: And He-Man is my favorite name of a thing…and homoerotic, Christian right-wing cartoon character ever.

EM: He rides a tiger!

HJB: A tiger that symbolizes clearly Jews.

EM: Christians riding around on the tiger of Jews.

Final answer:



What time is Bob's Burgers moving to on FOX?

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Nice job, everybody.

Bob's Burgers airs Sundays at 7pm EST on FOX starting on March 9.

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