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"Arrested Development" Season 4 Set Photos

What does it all mean? We only have days left to find out!

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Who is Rebel? I have no idea, other than that is it a woman. My only guess is that it could maybe, possibly be a girlfriend of George Michael's? Here's what set designer Jennifer Lukehart said about him:

The dorm room was hard work. As a character, George Michael does not really give you a lot of tips about where to go with the decorating. There were a few story points I tried to bring out, so I put a map on his wall. There are a few little pins marking the places he's been, but in my mind he isn't really worldly, and he hasn't traveled that much, so there's a little cluster in Orange County and in L.A., and somewhere else, which you'll see this season.

Lukehart also revealed a bit about Tobias and Lindsay's current state of living, too:

Before the financial collapse, Lindsay and Tobias were somehow approved for a home loan for a very large house. They're in their own big, unfurnished mansion because they've run out of money in true Bluth fashion and don't have the funds to furnish it. So they're just walking through, yelling back-and-forth as they go through these big, empty rooms.