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41 Regrettably Tacky Photos Of Famous People

Otherwise known as the '90s.

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2. Christina Aguilera

Photographer: "Christina, honey: when I look at you I immediately think Futuristic Indian Princess. Now get in that half of a glass bowl and pretend you're a kitty-cat."


4. Ryan Gosling

Photographer: "Didn't you see Garden State? It's cool, trust me. This look made Zach Braff go from a goofy television doctor to a goofy indie actor practically overnight."

6. Cameron Diaz

Photographer: "Cameron, I want you to spread eagle on top of this stool ...but with your knees bent so we can keep it PG-13. But don't look like you think you look sexy right now, I want your face to look completely blasé. Magnificent!"


15. Jennifer Lopez

Photographer: "You're certainly no angel, Jen. Keep the wings, lose the clothes, and lets slather you up with honey and lube. Can somebody get us some dry ice up in here?"

16. David Duchovny

Photographer: "Hi, David? I'm the photographer here for the Architectural Digest shoot — is this a bad time? Do you mind getting down from that spherical ball? Okay, um, we can reschedule, you have my card. By the way, GREAT pants."


18. Natalie Portman

Photographer: "Did you see the shoot I did with Jordan Catalano? Let's put your hair up and I want you to hold this black plastic tarp. Have fun with it. Great!"

21. Melissa Joan Hart

Photographer: "Instead of curling your hair or crimping your hair, let's do a combination of both — but let's just do it to certain strands of your hair, not ALL of it."


23. Sandra Bullock

Photographer: "You're a topless hippie! Oh, I'm sorry about the jeans. All we could find were this pair of JNCO jeans so we tried to make them look a little more dated. It's fine, nobody's gonna look anywhere other than your chest, I promise."

29. Madonna

Photographer: "If you insist on demonstrating your new hobbies, Madge, must it be the one where you swallow and regurgitate your pet goldfish Timmy? All right, then let's at least have you pose out by the pool..."

31. Kate Beckinsale

Photographer: "The hair, it's like a bun. But instead of wrapping it completely, let's spread it all around your head so it looks like there's a giant spider about to consume her it!"

34. Fiona Apple

Photographer: "You're in the middle of the jungle and you're terrified. TERRIFIED! You'll also have perfectly-manicured black fingernails that are nearly two inches long, but it's for the sake of fashion, so it'll work."

39. Winona Ryder

Photographer: "I know you're bummed that you got caught shoplifting, but please just sit over by that fire, drag the flowers into the shot, and pretend like you're happy."


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