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20 Dated Celebrity Endorsements From Over A Decade Ago

Victoria Beckham for Polaroid! Jesse Eisenberg for Oxy! Fergie for Bongo Jeans! Pink for Jelly Roll gel pens! Looking back, it seems like any ol' celebrity would slap their name onto a now-dated product with little remorse for how it would translate years later.

Over my winter vacation, I went through some of my old teen magazines from the years 1999-2001. Here's some of what I found.

Fergie for Bongo Jeans

Along with the other members of her 90s girl group "Wild Orchid"

Britney Spears for Polaroid

Alexis Bledel for Naturistics

Christina Aguilera for Fetish Cosmetics

Pink for Jelly Roll

Denise Richards for Max Factor

Rebecca Romijn for Pantene

Justin Timberlake for Herbal Essences

Along with the rest of N Sync: JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick.

Queen Latifah for Reebok

Backstreet Boys for Milk

Victoria Beckham, Spice Girls for Polarioid

Tyra Banks for Cover Girl

Denise Vasi for Doritos Wow! Chips

Tara Reid for Hello Kitty

Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway for Oxy

"Get real!"

Venus and Serena Williams for Milk

Keri Russell, Scott Foley for Fox

Along with Scott Speedman and Amy Jo Johnson (AKA the original pink Power Ranger)

Tyra Banks, Nikki Taylor for Cover Girl

Mandy Moore, Jennifer Love Hewitt for Oxy

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for TGIF

I know this was at the very end of TGIF's tenure on ABC's Friday nights, but what in the world is "Brother's Keeper?"