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    19 Celebrity Instagrams You Missed This Week

    All the action you were too busy to see!

    1. Beyoncé announced that she's pregnant with twins.

    2. Nicki Minaj shared a Cash Money reunion.

    3. Mariah Carey worked out.

    4. Lady Gaga danced with a hair dryer.

    5. Britney Spears walked on her hands.

    6. Karlie Kloss found her "happy place" in the Great Barrier Reef.

    7. Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated the Lunar New Year.

    8. Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams held hands before takeoff.

    9. Henry Cavill shared an update on his road to recovery after a knee injury.

    10. Harper Beckham read a story to her dad, David Beckham.

    11. Kylie Minogue announced her break-up.

    12. Meanwhile, Ben Higgins attempted to deter rumors of a split.

    13. Jennifer Lopez posted a revealing selfie.

    14. Kourtney Kardashian bared her butt.

    15. Ryan Seacrest shared this #TBT.

    16. Miley Cyrus asked for peace.

    17. James Wolk introduced his son Charlie.

    18. Leonardo DiCaprio was salted by Salt Bae.

    19. And Rihanna kissed the sky.