9 Thoughts Every Pokemon Go Player Has After A While

The last few weeks have been a blur of flying pokeballs, sparkly evolutions, and glorious floating lure module petals. But after some intensely dedicated play of Pokemon Go, there are a lot of questions us trainers have. Questions that definitely need some answers.

1. To start, why is there always only Rattata in my neighborhood?

I live in the middle of the city, but seriously, it looks like we have a serious vermin problem that poke balls may not cure.

2. Why aren’t there more PokeStops near me?

I literally live in the middle of a city. We have a Starbucks! Where are the stops?

3. Why is everything so expensive in the PokeShop?

I need a part time job just to cover the PokeBalls (since theres no stops in my neighborhood). Maybe my Jinx can start strippin’…

4. What’s it even like inside of a PokeBall?

I wonder if its comfortable in there, or is it cramped? Maybe thats why they are struggling to get out…

5. Who was the punk who made all the churches PokeGyms?

That’s why service has been packed the last few weeks.

6. Why do so many Pokemon look so dumb?

Explain how anyone is supposed to be intimidated by this.

7. Or borderline inappropriate?

No caption needed.

8. What is the likelihood that all this walking to hatch this egg will give me a Pokemon I probably don’t want?

Like a Rattata…

9. What country to hate today because their access to Pokemon Go has knocked servers out (again)?

I’ve never had a reason to dislike Canada before. This was definitely a first.

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