12 Times Curvy Girls Slayed Summer Stripes

Because you slay…

Apparently, there is this weird rule that “curvy girls shouldn’t wear stripes.” I don’t knew who made up this fashion, but, to put it nicely, they were GROSSLY misinformed. Stripes, like any other pattern or print can (and should) be worn by ladies of any size, especially curvy girls. The right stripe size and width can really enhance your curves and highlight your best assets while simultaneously minimizing those problem areas.

As with any print, there are better ways to wear and style stripes than others. My styling advice is always combine what you like with what looks right.

Here are 12 outfits from Pinterest that prove that curvy girls do indeed slay stripes.

2. Whether flowy…

These wide vertical stripes on a flowy maxi are perfectly ladylike

3. Or Fitted

This horizontal print stripe skirt really highlights how small her waist is and shows off those hips.

4. Whether dressy

With casual accessories and heels, it creates a relaxed and cute outfit for day

5. Or casual

This basic stripe shirt is made so cute and fem while still fun when combined with a punch of sweet pinks

6. Whether classic…

Black and White stripes are given a timeless pop with the red skirt. Also peep the expert level pattern mixing for the win.

7. Or Contemporary

This narrow striped midi high waist pencil skirt is made even more girly with a tied button-down in a cheery pink.

8. Whether one type of stripe

Here, the dress is being used as a neutral while fun fluorescent accessories take centerstage, elevating the look.

9. Or multi-striped

No one said you only had to wear one type of stripe. The army green vest toughens up a very sexy dress while the pink sandals keep the girly factor.

10. Whether toughened up

A black moto jacket, laced up ankle booties and silver accessories seriously toughen up this curve loving dress.

11. Or relaxed and chic

Here, a striped maxi dress is being used as a top and is paired with skinny jeans and some simple and chic essentials.

12. Whether big and bold

These big bold stripes give this look a cool and airy feel

13. Or narrow and sleek

An entire suit of stripes may sound intimidating. However, when paired with simple accessories and punched up with a red lip, these culottes and sleeveless blazer become easy to wear.

See how easy it is to both wear and style stripes. A pattern is not conformed to a body type anymore that there is an ideal body type. The point is to look good and feel good, and stripes can help you do both.

15. Now, go get ‘em girl

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*slay queen*

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