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    • WhereWolf

      #1-In the French aristocracy, the title “Prince” did not necessarily mean thataperson was related to the royal family. Even those closest in the line of succession were not usually referred to as “Prince” but as another title-Dauphin, Duc de…, etc. So Belle was never going to be Queen. And, if you subtract the magic, all things being equal in historical France, she would never have been allowed to be Queen asacommoner, or even “Maitresse en Titre” (Officially recognized mistress). #2-Even if he was 21 before the curse, why isanobleman answering his own door at all? #12-Well,aguy was transformed intoaBeast and his servants were transformed into tableware.Ican buy that the surrounding area had some sort of forgetfulness spell on it. #13-During the final happy-ever-after ballroom scene, why is Maurice still wearing his peasant rags? #14-If this movie is set in the mid 1700s, isn’t it nice to know that elderly Belle and Adam and all their children are probably going to be killed by the guillotine during the Revolution?

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