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    • whattupjoe

      this is so contradictory. you talk about recognizing the risks associated with barebacking and that you’re committed to staying HIV negative and such, and then you say that you’ll probably do it again and that your intention to do so is driven by your irrational desires. why should we listen to you, let alone trust your judgement?
      ithink maybe you just don’t like being told by someone other than yourself that you’re an irresponsible or unsafe person. to be fair, irresponsible/unsafe actions don’t mean that one is irresponsible/unsafe overall.  also, maybe not all bareback encounters are totally unsafe. but seriously, you watchedatotal stranger do coke inahotel bathroom and then had sex with him. you certainly madeajudgement call there. (and you can say i’m prejudice toward drug users if you want, butitoo have my reasons.) regardless, with HIV/AIDS stillathreat today- albeit much less so than before- what you did constitutes unsafe, irresponsible behavior. saying that you recognize it was ‘risky’ instead of using harsher language doesn’t make it any better.  you’ve basically laid out what is the likely truth: that gay men have bareback sex because they want to and because it feels good. end of story.  just remember that it’s not only about you GETTING the disease; bareback sex could also mean GIVING the disease to someone else. do you want to be that person? if you and other people decide to go forth with common sexual practices that are associated with greater risk of HIV infection, then so fucking be it.ijust hope you have the common sense to stop when and if you do contract HIV. and also remember thatalot of people died to bring you toapoint where you feel secure in barebacking. (PSIam gay, male, 21, US.) TL;DRithink ur ignorant/immature blah blah rah rah plz don’t have sex with me

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