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    Eyes That Tell Stories

    “Eyes That Tell Stories” is a photographic exhibition photographed and digitally edited by Jorg Sunderman for the Singapore Eye Research Institute. SERI is a non-profit charitable organization that aims to create awareness about eye research and conducts research into vision and eye diseases in Singapore. The project captured 14 well known people from Singapore ranging from a filmmaker, Olymipic swimmer, and news presenter, among others and shared each person’s story.

    Vernetta Lopez · Radio DJ

    "Every minute, a child goes blind. And 80% of blindness is avoidable. Since 1997, SERI’s vision has been to be a hub of excellence in Asia for preventing and treating disorders of the eye. And of course, unlocking clues within the eye to the future of health of Asian people".

    Royston Tan · Filmmaker

    Glenda Chong · News presenter

    C Kunalan · Former national sprint record holder

    Ang Peng Siong · Olympic swimmer

    The Flying Dutchman · Radio entrepreneur

    SERI Gala Dinner Patients Interview