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    60 Thoughts You Have When Your Phone Falls On Your Face

    Thank God it wasn't the original Nokia mobile. I'd be dead.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    1. My face! My precious face!

    2. This hurts more than it should.

    3. OMG did I chip a tooth?

    4. Can you chip a tooth on your phone?

    5. I think it's given me a bruise.

    6. I'll never be able to tell anyone how I got this.

    7. Maybe I'll just tell them I sneezed and smacked my head on my desk.

    8. It's less embarrassing.

    9. I just HAD to use my phone in bed.

    10. Wait, who cares about my face? IS MY SCREEN OK?!

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    11. Why don't they make these damn phone covers with hand grips?

    12. *Googles phone covers with hand grips*

    13. Oh, they DO make phone covers with hand grips.

    14. Wow.

    15. They are the ugliest things I've ever seen.

    16. I'm not sure I can invest in something so aesthetically...what's the word?

    17. Oh right; Shit.

    18. What do I choose?

    19. My face or my case?

    20. I'm just not emotionally ready for this kind of decision.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    21. Is this karma for that time I blocked my parents on Facebook?

    22. And told them Instagram had an age cap?

    23. And pretended I couldn't hear them when they asked if I'd heard about FaceTime?

    24. Or is this karma for that one (hundredth) time I stalked my ex on Instagram?

    25. And then on Twitter?

    26. And then on Facebook?

    27. And then on Vine?

    28. And then...

    29. Wait...WAIT...WAIT A SECOND.

    30. Oh no.

    Disney / Via

    31. Oh no oh no oh no.

    32. I was on my ex's Instagram when my phone slapped me in the face.

    33. I couldn't have...

    34. Could I?

    35. No.




    39. My phone sometimes won't let me answer calls and yet my nose can double-tap a photo.

    40. This never would've happened to Lord Voldemort.

    41. He had the right idea.

    42. This is mortifying.

    43. I'm dying.

    44. I'm dead.

    45. Tell Tom Felton I love him.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    46. Thank God it wasn't the Nokia 3310.

    47. Or an iPad.

    48. Or a Samsung.

    49. Then I really would be dead.

    50. #Blessed

    51. I'm NEVER using my phone in bed again.

    52. Although I guess this is pretty funny.

    53. Like, if you're one of those people who thinks Funniest Home Videos is funny.

    54. Which it is.

    55. I should Tweet about this.

    56. I'm so self-depreciating and relatable.

    57. I wonder if my ex will see this.

    58. I'll just take a quick peek at their page.

    59. F*CK.

    60. Dropped my phone on my face again.

    AMC / Via