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8 Times That Prove Old Ladies Are The Worst At Craft Stores.

Don't screw with Pearl and Gloria when it comes to their crafts.

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1. They claim discrimination.


Little Old Lady: "Do you have any coupons back there?"

Me: "No, since we've switched over to primarily internet based coupons, we've stopped carrying them back there."

Little Old Lady: "That's discrimination! You're discriminating against me cause I don't know how to use a computer!"

2. They don't know what "No Photocopies" means.


Me: "I can't take this coupon, it is clearly a photo of a computer screen."

Old Lady: "So?"

Me: "Our coupons clearly state, no photocopies or reproductions."

Old Lady: "Where does it say that?"

Me: "Right where the screen cuts the exclusions off."

Old Lady: "Well, it doesn't say that on here!"

Me: "I can try to help you find another coup-"

Old Lady: "No! You've done enough with your terrible coupons. I'm leaving."

3. They sometimes need help with jewelry.


Accessorized Old Lady: "Dear, I need some assistance with jewelry for a moment."

"Yes, can I help you find anything?"

Accessorized Old Lady: "My earring fell out and I found it, but I need you to put it back in my ear for me."

Me: "Uhhh...? I don't think I can do that."

Accessorized Old Lady: "Well, why not?"

4. They are protective of their personal information.


Me: "In order to do this return without a receipt, I'll just need to see a driver's license and a phone number you can be reached at."

Protective Old Lady:

"I can't go through with the return without the information."

Protective Old Lady: "I'm not giving you any of that, you'll find me."

Me: "I can assure you, we don't give out your personal information."

Protective Old Lady "They will still find me!"

Who's looking for her?

5. They can't read fine print.


Old Lady With Bad Eyes: "I'm here to return this item."

Me: "I'm sorry, according to your receipt, you purchased this item over 90 days ago and it has gone clearance, so I cannot return it."

Old Lady With Bad Eyes: "Where does it say that?!"

Me: It's printed on the back."

Old Lady With Bad Eyes: "How am I supposed to read that?! My eyes are terrible! You should still return it since the writing is so small."

Me: "I can't do that ma'am."

6. They can just be plain rude.


Impatient Old Lady: "Sweetheart, this line (of three people) is too long. Perhaps you should have someone help you or just go faster?"

"I have called for my back up cashier, but they were stopped by another guest, so they will be up shortly."

Impatient Old Lady: "Well that's not my problem."

Well it kinda is since, you're the only one bothered enough to be a bitch about it.

7. They don't know how a store works.


Me: "Hi, this is Emily. How can I help you?"

Old Lady on Phone: "I have some questions about your yarn."

"Of course, are you looking for a specific brand?"

Old Lady on Phone: "No, no, no. I want to know if I come in and work on my knitting in the aisle, if someone will be able to help me."

"Well we have classes that might hel–"

Old Lady on Phone: "No, no, I don't want a class, I want one of you to help me."

Me: "Not all of my team members know how to knit, so I'm not sure someone will be able to help you if you come in. My fellow team member ____, knows a little about yarn though."

Old Lady on Phone: "What are their exact hours?"

Me: "I'm sorry, I can't give out specific schedules of our team members for safety reasons."

Old Lady on Phone: "Well you're just being unhelpful, you've lost my business."

Was she even going to buy anything?

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