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4 Reasons Chad From The Bachelorette Is Tony Perkis

Father sky, mother earth, and your dear ole' Uncle Chad.

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2. There's some instability

Underneath the rippling muscles and bulging veins, there is a thin layer of cool. However, when tampered with, watch out cause one of these guys is gonna come for you. We all fear the day that they eventually snap.

3. A group of misfits band together against him

Only time will tell when it comes to these misfits attempting to overcome the unstable beefcake standing in their way of a beautiful girl or a great summer.

4. Both are passionate about protein

With a spread like the one provided on the Bachelorette, how could you not go ham on the meats? While Tony Perkis may have a little more discipline when it comes to eating, Chad remains the Prince of Protein.

Congrats on making it this far, Chad!

Even if things don't work out with Jojo, you can still create your own workout routine. The Chad System: Coming to a late-night infomercial near you!

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