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The Worst Garbage Strikes!

The Toronto garbage strike just ended after weeks of Canadian complaining. See how it stacks up against the worst garbage strikes in history!

  • Toronto 2009

    A six week strike starting on June 22nd made a smelly summer mess! The city used public parks as temporary municipal dumping grounds, resulting in some beautiful/gross photo ops.

  • New York City 1981

    A 17 day long strike was enough to fill the Big Apple with trash. Luckily it was in January so the stank didn’t get too out of hand.

  • Athens, Greece 2005

    Greece has dozens of garbage strikes each year, in 2005 30,000 tons of trash that was left in the streets had to be sprayed with disinfectant when it began to rot, leading to riots in which protestors threw trash at police.

  • Naples, Italy 2008

    The crown for worst garbage strike goes to Naples, which had a YEAR LONG strike in 2008. The standoff between city officials and the Mafia got so bad that the Italian military was brought in to clean up the mess!

  • so buck up Canada... you really didn't have it all that bad (whiners)... and stop pissing off the garbage man!