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Didn't You Mean Frisco?

Build your own unwelcome bot.

Here in the Open Lab we're always looking for novel ways to contribute to editorial projects. So when BuzzFeed SF started planning Frisco Day, we knew we needed to support our colleagues with a Twitter bot.

Frisco Bot gently reminded users to consider calling the city Frisco.

Most ignored us.

Some were unamused.

And our Twitter API access was promptly suspended.

Turns out Twitter isn't super thrilled when bots reply to people who don't follow them.

But some people stood up for us.

@doloresquintana But did the Emperor actually write that anti-"Frisco" proclamation? No evidence yet. @elcush @frisco_bot @burritojustice

And we built up a loyal following. So what now?

Well, we've updated Frisco Bot, and we're going to keep it running. It won't pester you unless you follow it, but if you'd like Frisco Bot to help you break the habit of calling it San Francisco, you should follow @frisco_bot!

You're also welcome to build your own interjecting twitter bot based on our code. Just know that Twitter will cut you off if you annoy too many people.