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25 Animals Who Want Your Vote For Mayor

The race is on to be the next mayor of New York City. Which candidate will you back?

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1. The Go Goat

Sick and tired of hearing "I don't go to Brooklyn," this goat is going to raise fines to $500,000 per refusal. "At the end of a crazy night, I just want to sleep in my own bed. I don't think that's too much to ask."

Magic Mike

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14. Sweetness for Steak

She may look sweet, but this dog loves her meat. She believes the Meatpacking District should live up to its name and wants to bring back the neighborhood to its slaughterhouse glory of the years gone by.

17. Cats for Catsup / Via

"It's a fact that cats, and hell, even dogs, are cleaner than most humans," sighed Minnie from McSorley's Ale House. "So why can't we be allowed in diners?" Minnie, an excellent mouser, says she will reverse the animal ban her first day in office.

18. Goats for Justice

This wild goat wants to implement the "Subway Street Justice" program. If you fail to offer a seat to the elderly, don't let passengers off first, or play video games with the sound on, you will be punished.

19. Kalico Kat Loathes The Kardashians / Via

This SoHo bodega cat works down the street from the Kardashians shop, Dash. Tired of dealing with paparazzi, rude tourists and the Kardashian's themselves, this cat believes it is his kalling to kick the klassless krew to the kurb.

24. A Cottontail That Cares

This bunny thinks all animals should have access to healthcare, so she is campaigning for universal healtcare. "I've seen too many friends forgo trips to the vet because they can't afford it," says snuggly rabbit. "It breaks my heart."

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