10 Dogs Who Want You To Buy Girl Scout Cookies Now

As if it weren’t already impossible to say no to Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Trefoils, now you have to deal with puppy eyes, too.

1. So, you thought you were going to avoid the cookies this year?

2. Have a resolution to lose weight this year? Too bad.

3. This labrador is going to see to it that you buy some Trefoils

5. Even cats love Tagalongs

6. You’re not just going to buy one box are you? There are SO many to choose from.

7. Pugs suggest going with the Do-si-dos

8. Atta girl. Might as well get a case and freeze them so you can have them for the whole year.

9. Remember, selling cookies is hard work!

10. So is inspecting your order

11. And be sure not to drop’em on the floor

12. Chin up. At least Heidi Klum wasn’t there. Who knows how much she would have made you buy?

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