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21 Reasons Appalachian State Is The Best

We're the best... and we're not afraid to brag.

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2. We're in the mountains when you want to be in the mountains: fall and winter.

Yeah, being at the beach is nice... during the summer. Who wants to be at the beach during the winter? Nobody, that's who.


5. We're pretty successful when it comes to athletics.

Between our 3 national championships, our wrestling team, our undefeated softball team, and all of the other championship winning teams, I think we can walk the walk.


8. Our fans rock... literally.

Between games tailgating on Saturdays, getting into Kidd Brewer Stadium two hours early, and walking through the bitter cold to the Convocation Center for basketball games, our fans are "rock" solid and know how to keep the game energized.

10. Our campus is top-notch... well, mostly.

Yeah, we have our older buildings that have only two options: ice cold or fire hot, but we also have some of the nicest new educational buildings in the state, like the College of Education, Raley Hall, and Belk Library.

11. We're not your typical college.

Rather than spending hours on our laptops in the library, we'd sooner be caught slacklining, hanging out in our hammocks, or playing ultimate frisbee on Duck Pond Field.


12. Our student body knows what it means to give back to the community.

Between our fraternities and sororities giving back to local charities each year and our entire student body doing their fair share of volunteer work, like the yearly blood drive, our student body knows how to pay it forward.

14. Our alumni know how to keep the momentum going.

With the relentless donations the school receives each year from the alumni, Appalachian State can continue to grow and prosper, welcoming more and more students to the Appalachian family each year.

15. We know we have the coolest Chancellor in the country.

Chancellor Peacock is the coolest Chancellor in the country. He has done nothing but support the school as it has grown and we'll surely miss him next year!

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