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20 Pop Diva Jams That Were Too Awesome For Radio

Did you know that pop stars release entire albums of music? We highly recommend you check out these tunes that were maybe not chosen to be radio singles due to their awesomeness.

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2. Monster - Lady Gaga (2009)

On this quintessentially haunting Gaga dance track, the enigmatic pop star sings over a fun club beat about a boy who ate her heart. We have no idea why Monster wasn't chosen for radio.

7. Cannibal - Ke$ha (2010)

This menacing dance track produced by Dr. Luke is full of saucy Ke$ha raps about sucking teeth and drinking blood. I’m not sure any other pop star could compare herself to Jeffrey Dahmer in a song and make it work.

8. Speakerphone - Kylie Minogue (2008)

“Speakerphone” is one of many pop hits from Kylie that are off the radar in America for reasons unknown; this one boasts a top-notch dance groove and icy vocals from the future. Produced by Bloodshy & Avant of Britney's "Toxic."

12. Blazin' - Nicki Minaj featuring Kanye West (2010)

Who doesn't love a Simple Minds sample? In this gem from Nicki’s record-breaking debut, 'Pink Friday,' Nicki and Yeezy paint a proud picture of self-empowerment.

15. Only Wanna Dance With You - Ke$ha (2012)

An unexpected retro good time, “Only Wanna Dance With You” is seriously catchy, flirty and proves that her glittery highness is more than she seems. Did we mention she wrote this track with The Strokes?

19. Turn Up the Radio - Madonna (2012)

The throbbing dance production from Martin Solveig will certainly inspire you to rock out in your car. It’s a shame we never heard this one on the actual radio, but it has a fun music video. Ciao bella!

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