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Man Beats 'Devil' Out of Son, Claims to Be an Angel

Jacky Tran, 35, and Phung Tran, 36, were arrested Saturday for "beating the devil" out of the couple's 3-year-old child. Police say the boy was beaten so badly, he had to be flown to the hospital by life-flight for multiple skull fractures.

Danny Vice 10 years ago

Bought The Wrong Beer Brand? That's A Stabbin'

Duette, Florida -- Amilcar H. Guerra, a 50-year-old Florida man was arrested early Saturday morning after he allegedly stabbed three men after purchasing the wrong brand of beer .

Danny Vice 10 years ago

Woman Sells Two Kids For Pet Cockatoo

Louisiana -- A Louisiana woman and a couple have been arrested after the woman agreed to sell two children to the couple for $175 and a pet bird.

Danny Vice 10 years ago

Man Found Dead In Car - 7 Parking Tickets Piled On Windshield

Gainesville, Florda -- Gainsville city officials have had some explaining to do after a man reported missing over two weeks ago was found dead inside his car......a car that was ticket by officers 7 times as it sat unattended.

Danny Vice 10 years ago

Female Teacher Caught At Super 8 Motel With Missing Student

Morgantown, West Virgina (The Weekly Vice) -- Lisa Lavoie, a 24-year-old eighth-grade teacher at Maurice Donahue Elementary School in Holyoke, Massachusetts was caught in a motel after disappearing with a 15-year-old male student.

Danny Vice 10 years ago

Husband Leaves Injured Wife In Recliner For A Week

Tulsa, Oklahoma (The Weekly Vice) -- Martin Junior Smith, a 60-year-old Tulsa man was charged with murder Wednesday after he allegedly helped his injured wife to a recliner and then left her sitting in her own feces for a week. The woman died from complications arising out of the incident.

Danny Vice 10 years ago

Man Steals Sex Toy While Brandishing Wooden Sword

Sacramento, California -- David William Hadeen, a 36-year-old Sacramento man was arrested Sunday after he entered an adult store wearing a cape, snatched a sex-aid device and waved a wooden sword at the clerk as he walked out with the merchandise.

Danny Vice 10 years ago

Firestarter! (this One is for Real)

Upper Darby, Pennsylvania -- Amanda Gessner, a 19-year-old Drexel Hill woman was arrested Tuesday after allegedly starting 7 Upper Darby area fires. Police also recover surveillance camera video which reportedly shows the woman singing "The fire department is going to be mad at me" inside a neighborhood convenience store.

Danny Vice 10 years ago

Woman Sets Mother On Fire

Norcross, Georgia -- Na Yong Pak, a 31- year-old Georgia woman was arrested Tuesday on aggravated assault charges after she allegedly set her mother on fire. Those charges were upgraded to murder after her mother died from her injuries Wednesday morning.

Danny Vice 10 years ago