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    BuzzFeed WKND: 09.25.15

    Happy fall!


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    FOOD | mix + match

    17 Insanely Delicious Ways To Cook Butternut Squash This Fall

    13 Insanely Easy 10-Minute Pizza Snacks

    21 Crock Pot Dump Dinners With No Meat

    Smoking An Avocado Is Awesome And You Should Do It

    5 Fierce "Empire" Cocktails To Serve At Your Watch Party

    Here's What You Should Eat For Dinner This Week

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    DIY | create

    26 Insanely Awesome Products With Hidden Uses

    I Used The Crap Out Of The New iPhone 6s And This Is What Happened

    30 Halloween Costumes Only True Pun-Lovers Will Appreciate

    17 Brilliant Artists To Follow When You're In A Creative Slump

    Here's Everything You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

    21 Nerdy Things You Need For Your Home Right Now

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    STYLE | mix + match

    13 Women Show Off Their Most "Unflattering" Outfits

    This Tattoo Artist Will Make Literally Every Person Want To Get Inked

    31 Real-Life Bridal Parties Who Nailed The Mix 'N' Match Look

    These Plus-Size Models Absolutely Slayed At Fashion Week

    19 People Who Prove Rainbow Eyebrows Are Insanely Gorgeous

    Barbie Is Presenting Zendaya With Her Own Doll And It's Freakin' Amazing

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    PARENTS | team up

    This Might Just Be The Ultimate Newborn Photo Shoot

    This Dad Wrote A Check To His Kid's School Using Common Core Math

    A Little Girl Asked Her Mom To Be Friends With Her Dad And It Will Melt Your Heart

    This 10-Year-Old Comedian's Act Is Hilariously Inappropriate

    25 Parents Share The Parenting Hacks They Can't Live Without

    This Is How Real Parents Get Their Kids To Sleep

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    HEALTH | be well

    25 Things Every College Student Should Know About Dealing With Social Anxiety

    17 Super Helpful Tips For Anyone Who's Terrified Of The Gym

    People Are Using #BlackDotCampaign To Talk About A Controversial Domestic Violence Campaign

    33 Healthy Eating Habits Lazy College Students Will Appreciate

    These Dads Are Bench-Pressing Their Babies And It's The Sweetest Thing In The World

    17 Things You Should Know Before Trying To Get A Bigger Butt

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    TRAVEL | explore

    17 Colorado Trails That Should Be On Every Hiker's Bucket List

    These Awesome Adventurers Will Inspire You To Get Outside Immediately

    39 Amazing Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Portland, Maine

    Hayao Miyazaki Is Making A Magical Nature Park For Children And You Have To Visit

    Where Should You Actually Go For Your Honeymoon?

    This Is What Los Angeles Looked Like In Its Glory Days

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