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    BuzzFeed WKND: 09.18.15

    Fall is right around the corner.


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    FOOD | eat + drink

    20-Minute Chicken Recipes To Add Your Arsenal

    13 Insanely Delicious Ways To Use Ricotta Cheese

    24 Giant Salads That Will Make You Feel Amazing

    This Two-Minute Microwave Mug Cake Is The Ultimate Lazy Dessert

    21 Pizza Recipes Worth Feasting On

    29 Healthier Versions Of The Best Fall Desserts

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    DIY | create

    40 Easy DIYs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Home

    28 Insanely Creative Ways To Decorate A Cake That Are Easy AF

    19 Internet Hacks Every Student Should Know

    Don't Know If You Should Get The New iPhone? Take This Quiz!

    17 Inspirational Desk Succulents

    27 Perfect Prints Your Walls Wish That You'd Buy

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    STYLE | mix + match

    The #InMySkinIWin Hashtag Proves That All Skin Is Beautiful

    24 Beauty Secrets You Should Really Know

    19 Things Big-Boobed Girls Who Love Clothes Know To Be True

    19 Gorgeous Floral Crowns For Fall Weddings

    This Group Of Badass Women Just Killed The Menswear Game

    21 Photos That Will Make You Want To Wear Bold Lipstick

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    PARENTS | team up

    23 Products For Pancake Day That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

    37 Parenting Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

    27 Totally Hilarious Family Photos

    25 Fabulous And Fly Moms You Need To Follow On Instagram

    21 Awesome Kids' Halloween Costumes To Start Making Now

    21 Babies Who Look Remarkably Like Other People

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    HEALTH | be well

    Here's What This 23-Year-Old Learned From Talking About Her Herpes

    16 Super-Helpful Charts That Teach You How To Actually Work Out

    25 Badass Tanks That Will Actually Inspire You To Exercise

    This Curvy Yogi Is The Most Inspiring Human You'll See All Day

    27 Things To Do Before Bed That Don't Involve Watching Netflix

    This Gym Teacher Taught His Class a Cardio Version of "Nae Nae" and It's Everything

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    TRAVEL | explore

    21 Beautiful Spots To See Fall Colors Across America

    This Man And His Wolfdog Will Make You Want To Go Hiking Right Now

    Sandcastle Hotels Exist And You Can Actually Stay In Them

    Which Italian City Should You Live In?

    35 Things That Happen When You Move To A New City

    32 Books That Are Guaranteed To Give You Wanderlust

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